How Much Does a Locksmith Cost?

The cost of the service charges of a Locksmith Anchorage AK will depend on the type of services performed. A basic key duplication may cost $1.50 or less, whereas customized keys cost $3 to $20. Moreover, the actual price might vary from the quote depending on the nature of the service, location, and customer requirements. For this reason, homeowners should discuss the fee structure and the extra services before hiring a locksmith.

Many people assume that locksmiths work only for walk-in clients, but there are numerous advantages to using the services of a licensed locksmith. These professionals perform a variety of tasks including re-keying locks, fixing broken keys, and lockout services. In case of emergency, they also provide 24-hour locksmith services. In addition to these services, a Locksmith Anchorage AK can perform lockout services. As a result, these professionals contribute to the safety of their community and the safety of their customers.

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